Grub configuration to load cloud-init from external removable disk in Ubuntu 20.04 autoinstall |

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I'm trying to auto-install Ubuntu 20.04 from an .iso record loaded successful virtual media and I would for illustration to load nan cloud-init configuration from an outer device.

I've already followed this tutorial that show really to repack a civilization .iso to adhd connected nan cdrom nan cloud-init configuration which lead to a grub configuration for illustration this 1 :

linux /casper/vmlinuz autoinstall ds=nocloud\;s=/cdrom/server/ ---

I would for illustration I don't person to repack nan modular .iso record and load nan cloud-init record from an outer disk specified arsenic an USB key.

I'm moving connected a DELL server whose iDRAC let maine to simulate an outer thrust by mapping an .img file.

In grub console, I tin acces to this instrumentality and files successful it :

grub> ls (hd3)/cloud-init meta-data user-data

What I'm aiming is thing for illustration this (which of people I tested and not working) :

linux /casper/vmlinuz autoinstall ds=nocloud\;s=(hd3)/cloud-init/ ---

I saw that during nan installation nan outer instrumentality is disposable connected a /dev/sdX which is not mounted dissimilar nan /cdrom and I can't find which sdX it will be.

Any thief aliases hint would beryllium overmuch appreciated. Thank you very much