GNU GRUB Cannot Boot into either OS

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Context : Original OS was Ubuntu 22.04, astir 3-4 months ago. I removed nan OS and installed Windows connected nan Laptop. Absolutely nary issues astatine each until today.

Today I restart nan laptop, and get pulled into nan GNU GRUB screen. The rumor is, I do not person an OS to footwear into. Nor do I person a USB thrust to repair thing with. If I spell into BIOS and alteration nan footwear order, it conscionable goes backmost to its current. If I delete nan Ubuntu Boot partition, it re-adds it. I americium wholly mislaid astatine what could've some caused this, and connected really to moreover hole this.

I had nary issues pinch Windows, and nary I besides had nary issues Linux doing thing of this sort. As acold arsenic I was concerned, nan Bootloader, partition, and everything other related to Linux was wiped erstwhile I moved backmost complete to Windows.

Edit : Currently I americium incapable to footwear into either Windows, nor Linux. I americium stuck successful connected nan GNU GRUB and BIOS screens but cannot footwear into either OS to make changes from there. I would for illustration to beryllium capable to support immoderate accusation I person connected nan laptop presently because I americium attending school. Though if I must swipe everything I will.

More info connected nan GNU GRUB SCREEN : GNU GRUB type 2.06 Minimal BASH-like statement editing is supported. For nan first word. TAB lists imaginable bid completions. Anywhere other TAB lists imaginable instrumentality aliases record completions.

Boot Order List :

  1. Ubuntu
  2. UEFI PC801 NVMe SK hynix 1TB SYB8N040415608Q5B 1
  3. USB NIC (IPV4)
  4. USB NIC (IPV6)
  5. UEFI HTTPS Boot (MAC:************)