Gnome Desktop and Apps support for "Playstation DualSense Wireless-Controller" on Raspberry PI 5 Ubuntu |

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I person a Raspberry PI 5 connected to nan TV. At nan infinitesimal pinch a keyboard and mouse. I would for illustration to run nan Gnome Desktop from nan Raspberry PI 5 from nan sofa (wireless).

Since nan PS5 controller offers charismatic Linux support, I thought I would bargain it. According to a Reddit discussion, nan PS5 controller useful perfectly pinch games connected Linux.

Does it besides activity pinch elemental Gnome operation? For example, commencement a media player, pre-rinse, backwash and exit. Same for a image viewer.

How does nan Gnome cognition pinch PS5 controller look for illustration successful 2024? The controller is unluckily rather costly (60$), truthful I want to make judge that I tin run Ubuntu's Gnome from nan couch.