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Protecting those we attraction astir is much important than ever successful today’s uncertain environment. Fortunately, location is simply a crippled that recognizes this work and offers a nosy and applicable reply to nan problem. GeoZilla is nan eventual information nett for keeping tabs connected loved ones and ensuring they enactment retired of harm’s path. GeoZilla knows amended than anyone really important family is. Family Locator makes it elemental to fto loved ones cognize wherever you are astatine each times. It’s for illustration carrying a individual GPS locator that instantly links you to your loved ones successful nan shape of your phone. What’s moreover better? Your closest friends and relatives are nan only ones who will ever spot this information, arsenic it is kept wholly confidential.

GeoZilla – Find My Family GeoZilla – Find My Family


GeoZilla considers each imaginable script erstwhile it comes to nan information of your loved ones. Because of its superior characteristics, you won’t person to wonderment wherever a loved 1 is. You whitethorn remainder easy knowing that everyone successful your family is doing OK and getting wherever they request to spell because you will cognize precisely erstwhile they depart and erstwhile they arrive. That’s not all, though. GeoZilla goes beyond elemental monitoring by giving you a broad play study of your family’s whereabouts. Do you wish to cognize their whereabouts? No worries, GeoZilla has you covered. Also, nan Family Locator has a backstage messenger wherever you whitethorn pass pinch your loved ones and show them what you’ve been up to.


Keeping your loved ones safe involves much than conscionable knowing wherever they are. GeoZilla is alert of this. Thus, it provides other information features. Driver Safety reporting allows you to support tabs connected whether aliases not a loved 1 is speeding aliases utilizing their telephone while down nan wheel. And if thing unspeakable happens, Crash Detection will notify nan due group instantly truthful that assistance tin get to you arsenic soon arsenic possible.

GeoZilla – Find My Family GeoZilla – Find My Family


Do you interest that predominant GPS search whitethorn drain your phone’s battery? Don’t worry! You tin trust connected GeoZilla. The app will put nan family locator to slumber utilizing nan Significant Location Change (SLC) usability erstwhile you’re successful 1 spot for an extended period. Save powerfulness without losing interaction pinch loved ones acknowledgment to nan motion-activated feature. You nary longer person to interest astir your loved ones’ whereabouts because of GeoZilla. Connecting loved ones arsenic Emergency Contacts allows you to person accelerated updates connected their locations should nan request arise. A information nett keeps you linked moreover successful nan look of nan unexpected.

GeoZilla – Find My Family GeoZilla – Find My Family


GeoZilla keeps users’ locations backstage by requiring their support earlier disclosing them. All family members’ support is required, allowing you afloat bid complete who tin spot your whereabouts. Optional support requests from GeoZilla are clear and designed to amended your clip pinch nan app. Each permission, from location services for real-time sharing to alerts for keeping you up to date, is crafted to springiness you a safe and streamlined experience.

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