Firefox Snap on Ubuntu 22.04 reset and deleted profile w/o warning? |

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This happened wrong nan past 20 minutes.

I had been utilizing Firefox conscionable until a fewer moments agone pinch aggregate tabs unfastened and conscionable concluded a video telephone utilizing it. During nan call, for reasons chartless to me, TamperMonkey opened itself (I conjecture its "preferences" page) aggregate times successful a caller tab. I didn't deliberation overmuch of this. But soon aft nan video telephone ended (and I had closed that tab), Firefox seemed to suffer connectivity; Chromium (which I person installed alongside) was capable to entree nan net conscionable fine, but Firefox could not. I was editing immoderate bookmarks successful Firefox, truthful I proceeded to decorativeness this, adjacent nan tabs successful Firefox, and closed Firefox itself.

When I reopened it, I was greeted pinch a "fresh" Firefox lawsuit missing each my bookmarks and extensions.

I checked ~.mozilla/ and this is each that's successful there:

$ ls -a .mozilla/ . .. extensions systemextensionsdev

I past checked nan threat subdirectory and this is what's successful there:

$ ls -a snap/firefox/common/.mozilla/firefox/ . .. 'Crash Reports' 'Pending Pings' fiibjh3s.default-1708175209370 ggjy3a3c.default oywc1fcc.default profiles.ini

The only floor plan I had successful Firefox (itself a default floor plan but pinch my bookmarks and extensions) appears to person been overwritten pinch aggregate newer default profiles. None of nan 3 *.default profiles listed present are that profile. That 1 seems to beryllium wholly missing.

Has anyone knowledgeable thing similar? Is location immoderate measurement I tin retrieve that profile? I really conscionable want to retrieve my bookmarks.

Should these specifications matter:

  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Kernel: 6.6.0-060600-generic
  • Firefox: firefox/jammy,now 1:1snap1-0ubuntu2 amd64 [installed] (only type connected nan strategy arsenic acold arsenic I tin tell)
  • Ran apt update and apt upgrade yesterday and besides had immoderate updates pushed done nan GUI yesterday.