Firefox renders blank PDFs in 20-200% zoom range after waking up from sleep |

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After booting into Ubuntu, Firefox successfully renders PDF files astatine each levels of zoom (10-400% zoom).

However, erstwhile I suspend my PC (the "Sleep" characteristic successful Ubuntu) and aftermath up nan PC from sleep, Firefox renders conscionable blank pages of that PDF astatine zoom levels >10% and <200%. When I zoom-out to 10% aliases zoom-in to >=200%, nan PDF's matter and most of nan images successful nan PDF gets rendered.

Despite nary visible matter aliases images, I tin prime nan matter and contents of nan PDF pinch rodent (see nan attached image) and transcript nan selected matter conscionable fine.

This happens pinch aggregate PDFs, truthful it doesn't look circumstantial to a peculiar PDF file. Not moreover force-reloading nan tab pinch nan PDF helps (Ctrl+F5). Opening nan aforesaid PDF successful a caller tab is besides of nary help. This bug happens moreover pinch recently opened PDFs successful caller tabs. What helps is quitting Firefox and opening it again.

Sometimes, it seems for illustration parts of nan GPU's framebuffer (i.e. a model of a different app from which I conscionable Alt+Tabbed to Firefox) get displayed successful nan area wherever nan PDF should beryllium rendered.

It seems for illustration GPU's VRAM is not getting saved to RAM erstwhile nan PC gets to sleep. However, this does not explicate why moreover recently opened PDFs successful caller tabs are blank astatine nan 10-200% zoom level.

I should adhd that I usage a Nvidia GPU pinch nan proprietary driver.

Contents tin beryllium highlighted contempt not being visibly rendered.