Fancontrol on Gigabyte A5K1 Ubuntu 22.04 |

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so one wanted to power nan fans of my Gigabyte A5K1 laptop pinch fancontrol connected Ubuntu 22.04. Fancontrol uses lm-sensors and pwmconfig.

To usage fancontrol, you request to observe your built-in sensors pinch nan sensors-detect command, but one ever get nan output, that nary sensors were detected and that its comparatively communal connected Laptops, wherever thermal guidance is handled by ACPI alternatively than nan OS.

When one effort to commencement pwmconfig, one ever get nan output "There are nary pwm-capable sensor modules installed" and thats it, thing more.

The laptop consists of a Ryzen 5 5600H and a RTX 3060. Couldn't find immoderate info connected nan MoBo, Dmidecode conscionable says A5K1, which is nan laptops name, but it's definetly an AM4 board.

Here would beryllium a Pastebin log of nan sensors-detect command:

I dream you tin thief me, i'm starting to get hopeless arsenic a Linux newbie :/