Failed to start Remount Root and Kernel File Systems |

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I was trying to get Proton for Steam working. After a agelong clip hunt tech forums I recovered a remark which said that Proton had to beryllium formatted to EXT4, which led maine down a rabbit spread to a station connected nan Steam forums which said to spell into nan Disks app and put ,uid=1000,gid=1000 aft a drawstring of commands successful nan equine settings of nan disk partition Steam was in.

I did that and now my instrumentality is beautiful overmuch screwed. I turned it connected and it says:

[ 3.261244] ext4: Unknown parameter ‘uid’ [ 3.266616] systemd[1]: Failed to commencement Remount Root and Kernel File Systems. [FAILED] Failed to restart Remount Root and File Systems. [ 3.279284] systemd[1]: Failed to activate switch /swapfile. [FAILED] Failed to activate switch /swapfile. [DEPEND] Dependency grounded for Swaps. [ 3.649651] ext4: Unknown parameter ‘uid’ [ 3.677364] ext4: Unknown parameter ‘uid’``` I americium a complete Linux noob. I person nary thought what I’m doing. Please help.