Facing Boot and Device Issues after Removing NVIDIA Drivers on Kubuntu

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I person a dual footwear setup pinch Windows 11 and Kubuntu 23.10. My laptop is simply a Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro 16ACH6 (model pinch GeForce RTX 3050).

I tried to region each NVIDIA drivers because my artillery drains overmuch faster connected Kubuntu than connected Windows, and I understood that nan rumor mightiness beryllium related to nan graphics card.

I simply utilized nan region bid (and past autoremove afterward) pinch nan NVIDIA wildcard indicated here: How tin I uninstall a nvidia driver wholly ?

However, aft rebooting, I brushwood ACPI errors, and nan OS refuses to start, moreover if I adhd acpi=off and noapic to nan grub options.

I tried booting into betterment mode and past booting usually from recovery. It works, but erstwhile I scope my desktop, nary of my devices activity (Wi-Fi, trackpad, Bluetooth, etc.). So, I'm incapable to link to nan net to execute an apt upgrade.

When I tally ifconfig, I only spot "lo" displayed.

I'm not judge what to do anymore. I don't person an Ethernet larboard connected my PC, and moreover pinch a Type-C adapter, I don't person nan eth0 interface available.

Any ideas? I consciousness for illustration it besides removed each nan drivers for my devices...