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I person an outer double-foldable show (UPERFECT dual portable) that conscionable comes pinch windows and mac drivers. I tin entree a azygous show of it by utilizing HDMI, but for nan 2nd show 1 seems to request drivers and past it useful via USB A aliases USB C. I thought this would apt usage immoderate standardized interface, but truthful acold I was without occurrence to make it activity connected ubuntu. Do I mostly person immoderate chance to get specified a point activity by myself? It does not look to support displaylink and erstwhile typing lsusb it shows up arsenic "YC USB Video". I astir apt dont moreover person to ask, because from my attempts and my existent investigation this seems for illustration an intolerable task. However, arsenic one person perfectly nary thought astir drivers, I wanted to inquire if anybody has an idea. I deliberation immoderate benignant of portability furniture is besides improbable to activity for that, right?