Examples of military operations that Israel could have followed after October 7?

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Many of those who person small tolerance for Hamas, aliases moreover work together that it should beryllium dismantled, still disagree pinch nan measurement Israel is doing it. While nan shortcomings/evils of nan Israeli actions successful Gaza are wide publicized and discussed, I wonder, what examples Israel could person followed successful nan aftermath of October 7? (taking akin situation, akin combat conditions, etc.)


  • I understand that immoderate will construe this mobility arsenic an effort astatine justifying Israel. However, I deliberation that this chat is basal for nan liking of some Israelis and Palestinians. Indeed, successful absence of affirmative examples, Israelis look to reason rather logically that, since they get blamed sloppy of what they do, they are conscionable amended disconnected adopting nan harshest solutions.
  • Battle of Mosul and Battle of Raqqa were mentioned successful nan comments; I recovered an article from early October, describing nan challenges that Israel would person faced successful Gaza successful comparison to these battles: Gaza’s Urban Warfare Challenge: Lessons from Mosul and Raqqa. Detailed comparison pinch nan position of 4 months hindsight could beryllium a imaginable answer.

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