Ethernet Connection Issues 22.04 H12SSL-I |

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Sometimes I americium capable to link to ethernet briefly, but past it stops moving wrong a fewer minutes, and thing I've tried (mainly disabling and re-enabling ethernet) seems to move it backmost on. Often I americium not capable to link to ethernet successful nan first place.

Wifi useful done a USB Wifi Adapter, but of people this is simply a slower relationship and truthful I americium moving to debug ethernet.

Oddly, erstwhile I link via ethernet sucessfully I often spot aggregate ethernet connections showing arsenic connected alternatively than conscionable one.

Extra Info


Ubuntu Desktop 22.04



  • Supermicro H12SSL-I Motherboard
  • AMD 7502 processor.

Network Controllers

  • Dual gigabit LAN via Broadcom BCM5720 (I judge this is nan modular plug successful nan board, tested)
  • 1 Realtek RTL8211F PHY (dedicated IPMI) ( I don't person immoderate IPMI connector/not acquainted pinch this)
  • USB -> Ethernet (Tested aft others failed)