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I'm trying to person keyboard cardinal actions of bindings ++ctrl+f1++, ++ctrl+shoft+f1++, ++alt+f1++ to Simlar to really it activity successful Windows 11 OS successful WSL2 Debian successful NVIM insert mode(for reference)

Migrating to ubuntu made nan ++actionkey+f(key)++ not activity nan aforesaid outputting erstwhile I property ++ctrl+F2++ dissimilar successful nan debian esl wherever it'd people

I don't person capable circumstantial position to picture what I request present but I'm fundamentally astir apt looking for nan keyboard codification remapping of WSL2 Deb successful my ubuntu 22.04 to beryllium capable to usage my extended shortcuts successful programme and configs wrong of ubuntu much aliases little accordant crossed nan platforms.

Heard of Xmodmap which I'm now researching but I'm trying to enactment arsenic autochthonal and arsenic modular arsenic imaginable if that'd conscionable a 3rd statement instrumentality to actively change nan behaviour done different deamon that mightiness not beryllium a bully agelong word solution, besides I'm looking for somewhat standard, proved and tested mappings to now potenially runover different linux philosophies and devices of different significand devs successful nan early arsenic I'm not arsenic knowledgeable pinch nan PC OS linux world. So how'd you spell astir doing that?