ELCINA Unveils the 13th Source India- Electronics Supply Chain forum : Catalyzing Progress in India’s Electronics Sector

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Chennai, 23/01/2024 — ELCINA, nan Electronic Industries Association of India, takes immense pridefulness successful announcing nan commencement of nan “13th  Source India Electronics Supply Chain event,” connected nan 23rd and 24th of January 2024, astatine nan Chennai Trade Centre. This arena marks ELCINA’s continuous efforts to fortify nan instauration of India’s Electronics Manufacturing Value Chain.

The Source India initiative, conceived during visionary discussions pinch Nokia successful 2009, has evolved into a strategical inaugural addressing nan burgeoning situation of proviso concatenation dependencies. Recognizing nan value of a robust proviso chain, ELCINA activity took nan inaugural to shape Source India.

As India’s electronics manufacture witnesses unprecedented growth, exceeding US$104 cardinal pinch a target of US$300 Bn, Source India has played a pivotal domiciled successful this trajectory complete nan past 12 years. The arena strategically focuses connected strengthening nan Electronics Value Chain by promoting home worth addition, innovation, research, and development. Over nan past 8-10 years, manufacturing has witnessed a singular five-fold increase, pinch platforms for illustration Source India facilitating important connections betwixt buyers and sellers.

“The Source India Electronics Supply Chain Event is not conscionable an exhibition; it’s a catalyst for growth, innovation, and collaboration. Tamil Nadu is nan perfect location for this forum to present nan highest worth to nan ESDM industry. The State has go nan largest contributor to nan electronics manufacturing sector. No 1 is successful uncertainty aliases debating coming that India will execute nan US$ 300 Bn people successful nan adjacent fewer years.” remarked Shri Atul Lall, President ELCINA & CEO, Dixon Technologies.

Tamil Nadu, recognized arsenic a hub for nan electronics manufacturing services (EMS) manufacture successful India, has attracted world companies pinch a important manufacturing aliases R&D presence. The region has besides attracted a divers scope of mid and ample home EMS companies. In nan fiscal twelvemonth 2022-23, Tamil Nadu witnessed a singular surge successful electronics exports, reaching US$5.37 billion, astir tripling nan erstwhile year’s fig of US$1.86 billion.

For nan play of April-October 2023, Tamil Nadu’s physics exports stood astatine $4.8 billion, showcasing a month-on-month emergence of 60% from $500 cardinal successful September to $817 cardinal successful October.

Thiru S Krishnan, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & IT, Govt of India inaugurated nan arena and stated “Today we position electronics arsenic nan largest manufacturing manufacture successful nan world. Neglecting nan assemblage would beryllium a strategical blunder for us. The gait of maturation was evident by nan truth that compared to US$ 24 Bn exports achieved past year, India had already exported US$ 20 Bn worthy of physics instrumentality successful nan first 9 months of nan existent fiscal.” Praising Source India arsenic a valuable initiative, Mr Krishnan said “The relevance of Source India was highlighted by nan level of home sourcing of components from wrong nan country. There was an urgent request to raise our home worth summation from 15% to 30-35% to make america beardown successful nan world industry.”

Thiru Hans Raj Verma, IAS, CMD, TIIC & ACS Govt of Tamil Nadu joined for a Special Session connected Global Value Chains and emphasized that “Developing skills was vital. The manufacture has to travel guardant and nurture nan skills and talent successful nan state and nan youth. We must fortify Tamil Nadu arsenic a knowledge system which we tin connection to nan remainder of nan country”.

Chief Guest Hon’ble Industries Minister Dr TRB Raja graced nan juncture and addressed nan participants arsenic good arsenic nan media. Dr Rajaa excessively emphasized nan request for processing skills and knowledge to raise nan level of nan younker and moving organization and make them quality-conscious. He said “We request to now deliberation of reducing errors to parts per cardinal from nan existent modular of parts per million. We will surely person astatine slightest 70% of nan MoUs worthy complete Rs 6 Lac Crores signed during nan Global Investors Meet compared to nan 20-25% that astir others do. Our attraction is not connected simply signing MoU’s but connected nan Dravidian exemplary of improvement pinch distributed maturation and value employment. The authorities is moving pinch a attraction connected making Tamil Nadu nan leader successful electronics pinch a US$ 100 Bn output.” Dr Rajaa commented.

While supporting Source India comprehensively, Thiru. Sandeep Nanduri, IAS, Managing Director, TIDCO, said “Tamil Nadu stands retired arsenic 1 of nan fastest-growing authorities economies successful India, claiming nan title of some nan largest shaper and user successful nan country. Given these attributes, Tamil Nadu emerges arsenic an perfect hub for electronics hardware manufacturing. Tamil Nadu is poised to go a cardinal subordinate successful electronics hardware manufacturing and exportation nationwide. The authorities is connected a trajectory towards achieving a singular US$ 100 cardinal milestone successful nan ESDM sector. The upcoming SOURCE INDIA 2024 event, themed “Energising India’s Electronics Industry for Global Value Chain,” is perceived arsenic a pivotal catalyst for nan maturation of nan ESDM industry.

Ms Grace Lalrindiki Pachuau, I.A.S Executive Director, FaMe TN, nan nodal State agency for promoting MSME’s, expressed her assurance and unstinted support to Source India arsenic an effective forum. She stated “Tamil Nadu, boasting nan fastest-growing system successful India, is strategically positioned arsenic a premier hub for electronics hardware manufacturing. The authorities actively propels nan Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sector, steering nan authorities toward a pivotal domiciled successful this move industry. Participation by TN State MSME’s successful Source India would fortify nan proviso concatenation importantly and accelerate our maturation towards a US$ 100 Bn economy. With a imagination to elevate MSMEs to world prominence, FaMe TN acts arsenic a catalyst for master and economical occurrence successful nan ever-evolving electronics sector.”

The Source India Electronics Supply Chain Event features a broad three-pronged approach: an Exhibition boasting more than 170 manufacture participants, a two-day Conference themed “Energizing India’s Electronics Industry for Global Value Chain,” and over 300 B2B Meetings. The Exhibition serves arsenic a move level for B2B engagement, showcasing cutting-edge products and services. The Buyer Seller Platform, a unsocial inaugural by ELCINA, intends to toggle shape opportunities into tangible business deals done meticulously scheduled meetings.

Taking nan imagination of Source India to caller heights, nan Source India Portal conceived by ELCINA is an eager task aimed astatine integrating nan full electronics industry. This online level serves arsenic an physics database, harmonizing manufacturers of earthy materials, components, assemblies, and vanished products. By seamlessly linking them to nan world market, nan portal intends to heighten self-reliance, boost exports, and trim import dependence.

The Source India Electronics Supply Chain Event stands arsenic a testament to ELCINA’s committedness to facilitating India’s travel towards becoming a world electronics manufacturing hub.

ELCINA Unveils nan 13th Source India

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