Easily apply "bookend" deletion of AI-generated content

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This is simply a fork of Samuel Liew's DeletedUsersHelper userscript. It's a book for moderators only.

The intent of this userscript is to simplify bulk-deletion of AI-generated posts arsenic per nan bookend policy.

How it works

The book adds a fastener astatine nan apical of nan user's Answers tab:

enter image explanation here

By clicking nan button, a checkbox is appended to each introduction successful nan answers list, arsenic good arsenic a Delete button.

enter image explanation here

The moderator tin tick immoderate number of checkboxes and past click "Delete selected". This will punctual for a last confirmation indicating nan full number of answers that will beryllium deleted, past it will automatically formed delete votes connected each of nan selected posts.

Known limitations

  • The book doesn't presently let to bulk-undelete.
  • The book doesn't cheque if a station is locked.


  • Click to install
  • source

Bugs, requests

You tin station bugs aliases requests in nan book repo.