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I installed windows a while agone connected my nvme m.2 and one person a abstracted sata ssd for linux. successful nan grub paper windows doesnt show and truthful successful grub customizer one tried a batch of things but one ended up pinch this

menuentry "Windows 10" { insmod ntfs insmod fat set root=(nvme0n1,/media/nvme0n1p1) chainloader /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi


for a spot of discourse one created a caller introduction successful grub customizer pinch nan type: other. i moreover tried nan 40_custom record pinch nan aforesaid codification but that clip it didnt moreover showed successful nan grub menu, besides one footwear from uefi some windows and ubuntu. I deliberation nan problem is nan group root=(nvme0n1,/media/nvme0n1p1) statement but one dont cognize really to hole it