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I effort to adhd entity model to my exertion which I americium building, everything useful good app compiled, started earlier adhd ef migrations, but erstwhile one effort to adhd migrations:

Debug/net8.0$ dotnet dotnet-ef migrations adhd InitialCreate Cannot execute because nan specified bid aliases record is not found. Possible reasons for this are arsenic follows:

  • The dotnet built-in bid was written incorrectly.
  • A .NET programme was intended to execute, but dotnet-dotnet-ef does not exist.
  • A world instrumentality was intended to beryllium executed, but an executable record pinch nan dotnet prefix of that sanction cannot beryllium recovered successful nan PATH path. Debug/net8.0$ ~/.dotnet/tools/dotnet-ef migrations adhd InitialCreate You must instal .NET to tally this application.

App: /home/kamil/.dotnet/tools/dotnet-ef Architecture: x64 App big version: 8.0.2 .NET location: Not found

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Download nan .NET runtime:

but erstwhile one type: dotnet --info, then result: .NET SDK: Version: 8.0.200 Commit: 438cab6a9d Workload version: 8.0.200-manifests.cdf2cc8e

Launch environment: OS Name: ubuntu OS Version: 22.04 OS Platform: Linux RID: linux-x64 Base Path: /snap/dotnet-sdk/236/sdk/8.0.200/

Installed .NET level workloads: No installed workloads to display.

Host: Version: 8.0.2 Architecture: x64 Commit: 1381d5ebd2

.NET SDKs installed: 8.0.200 [/snap/dotnet-sdk/236/sdk]

.NET runtimes installed: Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 8.0.2 [/snap/dotnet-sdk/236/shared/Microsoft.AspNetCore.App] Microsoft.NETCore.App 8.0.2 [/snap/dotnet-sdk/236/shared/Microsoft.NETCore.App]

Other architectures found: None

Environment variables: Not set

global.json file: Not found

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Download .NET:


echo $DOTNET_ROOT result: /snap/dotnet-sdk/236/sdk

I besides instal world dotnet-ef

dotnet instrumentality instal --global dotnet-ef

What is going incorrect pinch this?