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At astir 25% of random wifi hotspots I person nary problem connecting pinch my phone, but my linux does not connect. I tried everything successful this post.

nslookup google.com does not work

➜ ~ nslookup google.com ;; relationship timed out; nary servers could beryllium reached

I judge that's arsenic acold arsenic we request to spell successful position of diagnostics, a litmus trial but fto maine know.

I tried galore things. IT is not a scatter page login issue. My first 3 instincts are mostly navigate to aliases nan respective default gateway ip, alteration what's successful /etc/resolv.conf adding a nameserver and making judge I'm disconnected nan VPN. This hotspot does not person a scatter page and since nslookup doesn't activity I don't deliberation that's relevant. Correct maine if I'm wrong.

Here's nan kicker. If I tether my telephone and usage that arsenic a hotspot, it still fails erstwhile my telephone is connected done nan hotspot. nslookup google.com still fails successful nan aforesaid way, but if I spell connected data, it works. There is intelligibly thing blocking maine successful nan basking spot aliases immoderate misconfiguration. The only mobility is whether it's connected my extremity aliases their end. If it's connected my extremity I tin hole it, and if not, there's thing I tin do.

Either measurement I'd for illustration to cognize people's mentation connected this. They wouldn't beryllium overtly prejudice against linux would they, for illustration they position america arsenic threats? I mean we springiness distant what OS we're utilizing successful nan headers I'm sure, and they could firewall america based connected that overtly but I don't ideate them doing that but it seems possible. Then what could it be? I americium tearing myself successful pieces trying to fig retired what could beryllium happening. It's really annoying.

I person tried fiddling pinch my resolv.conf, flushing nan cache, adding configs to nan network-manager, etc starting and restarting nan network-manager work astatine each change.

I ne'er grounded to ping and get a response.

Whoever solves this aliases moreover gives maine adjuvant info will beryllium my hero. I americium going to inquire group astatine activity astir it. Many different group person unanswered questions connected this tract astir it. We only request to cognize 2 things - really web configuration useful connected our section machines and really it useful connected various nationalist hotspot providers.

I conjecture if I could get info connected nan nationalist hotspot successful question, would that help?