Did the U.S. administration give an official reason as to why it opposes an Israel occupation of Gaza?

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The White House connected Tuesday repeated its guidance to an Israeli reoccupation of Gaza aft Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told ABC News "World News Tonight" anchor David Muir he believed Israel will oversee Gaza's information for "an indefinite period."

On Monday, Netanyahu, successful his first U.S. media question and reply since the conflict erupted pursuing nan deadly Hamas panic onslaught connected Oct. 7, was asked by Muir who should power Gaza erstwhile nan conflict ends.

The premier curate said he thinks Israel will person "overall security responsibility" complete Gaza for an "indefinite period." President Joe Biden, meanwhile, has warned against Israel reoccupying Gaza and is pressing for a two-state solution pinch nan Palestinian Authority taking control.


Did nan U.S. management springiness an charismatic logic arsenic to why it opposes an Israel business of Gaza? Is it because they fearfulness an escalation of nan conflict if Israel were to reoccupy Gaza, and did they springiness an charismatic mentation of their position? Because it seems to maine that aft gathering pinch Arab countries they are trying difficult to debar an escalation of nan conflict successful nan region, which mightiness unit nan U.S. to intervene.