Did President Trump ever answer questions on obstruction to Mueller?

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The FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation, overseen by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, has conscionable finished. Now astatine immoderate constituent successful nan people of nan investigation, Mueller’s squad sent President Trump a bid of questions concerning nan collusion portion of nan investigation, and Trump provided written answers to nan question.

At nan time, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that these wouldn’t needfully beryllium nan past questions asked, because Mueller besides wanted to inquire Trump astir obstruction of justice, either successful personification aliases done much written questions and answers. Now Trump ne'er sat down for an in-person question and reply pinch Mueller’s team, but my mobility is, did Trump astatine slightest reply questions successful written shape concerning obstruction of justice?

Has Giuliani aliases anyone other connected Trump’s ineligible squad commented connected this?