Did Pakistan give an official statement as to why it doesn't recognize the Taliban government as the legitimate government of Afghanistan after 2021? | pressku.com

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The Taliban seized Kabul and controlled nan state from 1996 to 2001, though Rabbani continued to lead a guidance effort successful portion of the country nether nan umbrella of nan Northern Alliance. Only three countries—Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and nan United Arab Emirates—ever recognized nan Taliban arsenic nan country’s lawful authorities and, despite repeated efforts, it ne'er gained power of Afghanistan’s UN seat, which remained successful nan hands of Rabbani supporters. The Taliban was ultimately displaced by nan U.S.-led penetration of Afghanistan successful 2001. The United States and its friends past helped to instal the democratically elected nan Islamic Republic of Afghanistan government that controlled nan state from 2001 to 2021.


No state has yet recognized nan Taliban arsenic nan morganatic government of Afghanistan since nan group seized powerfulness successful August 2021. However, some countries, including China, person kept their embassies unfastened in Afghanistan and person accredited Taliban diplomats.


Did Pakistan springiness an charismatic connection arsenic to why it doesn't admit nan Taliban authorities arsenic nan morganatic authorities of Afghanistan? It did truthful successful 2001 on pinch Saudi Arabia and nan UAE, but now Pakistan doesn't look to beryllium consenting to springiness nickname to nan Taliban aft nan overthrow successful 2021. I americium guessing geopolitical considerations are nan reasons why it did not yet admit Afghanistan, but I americium wondering if immoderate nationalist connection was made.