Deleting a large file on R server does not reclaim storage on laptop |

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I americium utilizing R server and I deleted aggregate files totaling 40GB. I person a files connected my section disk and created a symbolic nexus to beryllium capable to usage nan files without uploading them to R server. Any clip one request to unzip nan record and create it into a parquet file. This leads to 1 record unzipping to 28GB and past aft parquet 1.9GB. After I deleted nan 28GB record I didn't request but erstwhile I spell to my settings connected my windows laptop, nan retention did not alteration aft deleting file.

What I understand truthful acold my ubuntu uses a vhdx truthful retention connected it will support expanding. I tried different options specified arsenic disk partition to compact nan disk, but that's not a semipermanent solution. Ive tried each cleaning options done nan terminal. All nan asnwers one person searched for does not activity for me. I don't cognize what other to do.

You tin opportunity that I tin conscionable unzip myfile locally, but for maine that is not a action either, hence nan logic my information files is mounted from my section laptop to wsl/Rserver.

The only solution I person recovered is to uninstall and reinstall, but that is not perfect aliases what anyone would want to do.

Is location immoderate measurement I tin reclaim my disk space?