CubeSat: When designing the PID Controller of the CubeSat, what are some constraints that you need to take into account?

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For a 1U CubeSat task successful which we request to creation nan controller for it.

We decided to not see immoderate propulsion strategy to support it light, we'll conscionable fundamentally driblet nan outer connected LEO and fto it people decay complete time.

The controller will power nan attitude, our squad thinks that a PID controller would activity for this. The actuators are Reaction Wheels and Magnetorques. The IMU consists of a Gyroscope, Magnetometer and an Accelerometer.

Let's opportunity that each nan Control System has been modeled (all nan authorities abstraction equations had been derived). And we request now to creation a PID controller (we'll leverage nan automatic tuning Simulink instrumentality to get nan optimal PID gains) for this system.

My mobility is nan following:

What are nan contraints that I request to see erstwhile desinging my PID controller, i.e erstwhile getting nan PID gains, and erstwhile I cognize each these contrants really to instrumentality them into my PID controller utilizing nan automatic tuning characteristic successful Simulink?

I dream it makes sense. Thanks a lot!