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My aged laptop (MSI GE70 2OE) has immoderate problem pinch nan cpu (Intel Core i5-4200M) and does not utilize its afloat velocity by default, moreover if it’s nether a dense load - it runs astatine 0.8GHz moreover though it could beryllium 3.1GHz. This whitethorn beryllium owed to nan truth that I do not person a artillery attached , though I do not person 1 truthful I cannot check. I was capable to hole this rumor connected windows, by pursuing this tutorial: https://www.wintips.org/fix-cpu-not-running-at-full-speed-in-windows-10/ and disabling nan intelppm driver. However, I person nary thought really to hole it connected ubuntu. I tried to usage cpufrequtils to alteration nan politician and nan minimum frequency, but it didn't alteration thing - nan cpu wave still seems to beryllium capped astatine 0.8GHz.