Connection to wsl2 ubuntu Flink from Windows 11 local network is failed |

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I instal apache flink 1.18 connected wsl2 ubuntu of windows 11. The installation is successful and <FLINK_HOME>/bin/ bid useful without error. But nan relationship from nan windows 11 web browser to apache flink connected wsl2 ubuntu (http://localhost:8081) fails moreover if I unfastened nan flink larboard 8081 connected wsl2 ubuntu.

$ sudo ufw let 8081/tcp

So this clip for test, I instal tomcat9 connected wsl2 ubuntu for illustration below

$ sudo apt instal tomcat9

The relationship from windows 11 to tomcat9 connected wsl2 ubuntu is successful for illustration below.

enter image explanation here

I corroborate larboard 8080 and 8081 is forwading connected wsl2 ubuntu pinch netstate command.

enter image explanation here

How tin I link to apache flink from windows 11 section network? Any reply will beryllium grateful. Best regards!