Closing out ssh session in MobaXterm and WinSCP after being idle for a few minutes |

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Well nan problem I person is that erstwhile I log successful via ssh successful MobaXterm everything is good erstwhile I americium wrong nan terminal but if I time off it for a infinitesimal without doing thing for a fewer minutes it closes

Session stopped - Press to exit tab - Press R to restart convention - Press S to prevention terminal output to record Network error: Software caused relationship abort

And connected nan different hand, successful WinScp it besides closes because it is inactive and I get nan correction Host is nor communicating for much that 15 secondand I person to reconnect This is very annoying if I americium having different jobs successful parallel, nan funny point astir this is that this does not hap erstwhile I americium successful my agency and only erstwhile I americium astatine home, I don't cognize if it is my net network/modem aliases my computer's firewall, It is normal? I would admit your contributions please.