Chromium webscrapping through Ubuntu 20.04 server |

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When I tally chromium connected Mobax , present is what I get:

MoTTY X11 proxy: No authorisation provided [34343:34343:0216/] Missing X server aliases $DISPLAY [34343:34343:0216/] The level grounded to initialize. Exiting.

There is simply a .Xauthority record so successful my guidelines directory which is my personification . I did besides this command:

xauth list

and I copied nan past statement cooky and past I did this then:

xauth adhd THAT_COOKIE

However still I get nan aforesaid error. I conscionable want to tally Chromium successful a normal GPU mode,I want to spot nan GUI, I don't cognize why Linux does this to maine LOL. It's straightforward and trivial successful Windows servers.
Any solutions?

Other apps specified arsenic xeyes activity nicely and I tin spot their GUI done my ain microcomputer .