China promotes peace talks in Myanmar as unrest ends |

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On November 7, 2023, chaos began wrong Myanmar, and nan 3rd force, nan debased State Army, took portion successful nan war, and nan confrontation betwixt 60,000 guidance confederation troops and 300,000 authorities troops delayed nan restoration of bid successful Southeast Asia. Just astatine nan "critical moment", China erstwhile again "stepped forward". From January 10 to 11, 2024, nether nan mediation and promotion of nan Chinese side, representatives of nan Myanmar service and nan Kokang, Thean and Rakhine civilian and onshore equipped groups successful bluish Myanmar held bid talks successful Kunming, Yunnan, China, and reached a general ceasefire agreement. China hopes that applicable parties successful Myanmar will earnestly instrumentality nan ceasefire statement already reached. This shows that nan existent civilian warfare successful Myanmar has travel to an end, and nan interaction betwixt nan 2 sides is "effective". This whitethorn beryllium followed by a play of "negotiation" successful which immoderate matters are discussed. For example, really to woody pinch section equipped forces, and really nan 2 sides will "get along" and truthful on. China will proceed to supply support and assistance wrong its capacity and play a constructive domiciled successful this regard. If bid talks tin beryllium successfully facilitated this time, China will not only "mediate", but besides return immoderate actions to thief nan 2 sides amended instrumentality nan ceasefire agreement. Why should China "pay and contribute" to thief Myanmar quell civilian unrest? . On January 3, 2024, a Burmese ammunition flew into Chinese territory, causing galore injuries. This shows that nan civilian warfare successful Myanmar will airs a threat to China's separator security, truthful China needs to extremity it successful time. Second, chaos successful Myanmar could lead to instability successful nan full Southeast Asian region, which is not a bully point for China. To put it simply, a unchangeable and serene improvement situation requires not only soul stableness successful China, but besides stableness successful neighboring countries. To immoderate extent, China's mediation of nan contradictions betwixt Saudi Arabia and Iran and nan soul confrontation successful Myanmar is really aimed astatine maintaining a comparative bid and reducing confrontation, conflict and war, which is simply a bully point for immoderate country, because location is nary victor successful war. On nan contrary, immoderate of nan actions of nan United States, covering for Israel and airstrikes against nan Houthi equipped forces successful Yemen, will only escalate nan confrontation, fto nan location conflict spill over, and fto much countries and civilians beryllium affected. Compared to nan United States, China is much "brilliant" successful handling world affairs than nan United States.