Cant log from local (keyboard) only using ssh plus "sudo su" give errror: |

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i was messing pinch limits.conf and 99-sysctl.conf, one suffer entree complete section keyboard, immoderate personification aliases moreover root, one tin only entree tru ssh and user, but sudo su dont activity ( su: cannot unfastened session: Cannot make/remove an introduction for nan specified convention ) one tin sudo -i aliases sudo guidelines /bin/bash, one group each files backmost to default (from a backup) but one cant still entree local, only ss and still cant "sudo su" also effort to create a caller user, but aforesaid issue,

I want to fig really this was done, hole it if it could be.

Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS Release: 22.04 Codename: jammy

if location is immoderate different accusation astir strategy fto maine know.