Cannot run bash script Cisco Anyconnect. "Sorry, you need user privileges to run this script." executing as root |

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For activity one request to instal Cisco Anyconnect and one can't get it to instal owed to a authorities issue.

I person everything group up, one deliberation correctly. I'm pursuing this instruction:

After measurement 8 (executing nan bash script), one support connected getting nan correction connection "Sorry, you request ace personification privileges to tally this script".

The book should person entree to /opt/

What i've done to hole this:

  • Run book arsenic guidelines personification (su -c etc)
  • Edited permissions of nan /opt/ files chmod 755
  • Changed proprietor of book and /opt/ to my personification account(and reverted, nary fix)
  • Created a caller files /opt2/ and edited nan book to usage that folder

Anyone tin thief maine hole this?

Edit: i'm utilizing Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS