Cannot get autoinstall 22.04 to boot |

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Hello I americium trying to make an ubuntu 22.04 autoinstall usb

20.04 boots good but I cannot get 22.04 going.

I americium moving this connected a headless & keyboardless server arsenic my feline chewed done my keyboard cable

In nan grub I person changed nan statement to galore things now

linux /casper/vmlinuz quiet autoinstall ds=nocloud\;s=/cdrom/nocloud/ --- linux /casper/vmlinuz quiet autoinstall --- linux /casper/vmlinuz quiet autoinstall ds=nocloud;s=/cdrom/nocloud/ --- linux /casper/vmlinuz autoinstall quiet ---

My user-data record is

#cloud-config autoinstall: version: 1 identity: hostname: ubuntusrv password: "REDACTED" username: REDACTED ssh: install-server: yes authorized-keys: - "ssh-rsa REDACTED" allow-pw: no

Am I doing thing wrong?

The iso bid is

xorriso -as mkisofs -r -V "ubuntu-22-04-autoinstall" -J -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -input-charset utf-8 -eltorito-alt-boot -b bootpart/eltorito_img1_bios.img -no-emul-boot -o ../installer22.04.iso .

Thanks successful beforehand here's hoping. I've been trying this for days