Cannot Connect to Home WiFi From My Account |

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Using Ubuntu 20.04 connected my Laptop. The laptop has 2 personification accounts, for myself (with guidelines privilege) and my woman (without guidelines privilege).

Somehow, I tin not, each of a sudden, link to nan net from my location wifi (WPA and WPA2 Personal security, protected pinch a password communal to each devices), from my account. I tin link to nan wifi, and my instrumentality is connected. But erstwhile I spell to Mozilla aliases immoderate browser, it says I americium not connected to nan internet, and complains astir incorrect proxy settings.

I tin link to nan net usually from my woman personification relationship connected nan aforesaid laptop, which suggests it is not a hardware level problem. Also, nan aforesaid wifi useful good pinch my different devices (android) too.

So what is nan recourse?