Can't change volume in ncmpcpp |

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Playing and pausing songs successful ncmpcpp useful but changing nan measurement doesn't, nan existent measurement shows up arsenic Volume N/A and nan visualizer doesn't look to beryllium moving arsenic well.

I person a full bunch of audio systems installed truthful I americium not judge what I americium presently running.

This is my mpd config:

db_file "~/.config/mpd/database" music_directory "~/music" auto_update "yes" playlist_directory "~/.config/mpd/playlists" pid_file "~/.config/mpd/pid" state_file "~/.local/state/mpd/state" sticker_file "~/.config/mpd/sticker.sql" audio_output { type "alsa" sanction "ALSA sound card" } audio_output { type "fifo" name "fifo_visualizer" path "/tmp/mpd.fifo" format "44100:16:2" }