Can I re-download my '.profile' file on ubuntu or should I restart? |

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Some context: I'm taking a machine subject people and we're expected to group up immoderate virtual machines that usage Linux to do immoderate coding. I'm utilizing VirtualBox for nan virtual machines, on pinch Ubuntu. I've been pursuing my professor's steps to group up nan machine, on pinch immoderate circumstantial customizations for him.

We were expected to instal this book into our '.profile' file, but moving into immoderate surface issues, I decided to adjacent nan terminal successful Ubuntu and restart nan process. After restarting, nan terminal warned maine of aggregate files being worked on, truthful I ended up deleting some '.profile' files successful bid to commencement afresh. Only, I didn't recognize I besides deleted my original floor plan arsenic well, I think. I deliberation I tin still instal nan script, but wanted to cognize whether this would origin further issues down nan line, and whether I tin download nan record again. If not, mounting up different instrumentality from scratch is not difficult work, but somewhat annoying.

Bit of a rookie to Ubuntu and Linux successful general, if anyone has immoderate proposal aliases tips, would admit nan aforesaid a lot.