Can any one explain how a Virtual Machine Based Rootkit works and how to implement these subvirt and blue pill in practice? |

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Following my awesome project, location is simply a taxable named "VMBR Rootkits: As a portion of nan assignment, I americium required to instrumentality nan VMBR Rootkits successful practice. After researching, it becomes clear that this is simply a proof-of-concept, location is nary existent implementation. Therefore, I americium utilizing my ain virtual machines;- proving that it is imaginable successful practice. but americium stuck successful nan conception of VMBR

  • What precisely Subvirt is? Would this beryllium a process of utilizing immoderate rootkit under VMBR? it could beryllium a circumstantial rootkit?
  • How to instrumentality this VMBR conception practically?
  • Is it imaginable to instrumentality (subvirt & bluepill) practically

note: Yes, I had gone done Microsft Subvirt paper; each its a basal context/structure/concept

Could personification please explicate nan concepts of subvirt,blue pill, and nan implementation of Virtual Machine Based Rootkits (VMBRs) connected Windows? wherever should I commencement if I want to understand and instrumentality VMBRs connected my ain Windows system?

thank you