BoseSound 20 external wifi speaker does not show on output device list |

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I person been attempting to link to an outer Bosesound 20 speaker. I person been utilizing nan speaker pinch an audio cable, but now person 2 computers to link to it. I look to only beryllium capable to find directions for connecting via Bluetooth. This speaker has nan expertise to link to it via WiFi. I person it connected to my location network. I followed nan instructions present How tin I watercourse audio from my desktop to a WiFi speaker?. It took a spot of doing, but was capable to load and usage Pulseaudio penchant gui. I besides alteration everything connected Network Server tab.PulseAudio preferences Network Access

I rebooted nan strategy conscionable to make judge everything would load arsenic expected, but nan speaker does not load to nan audio output list.

Audio output database does not show outer speaker.

I would appreciated immoderate guidance to getting this speaker connected via wifi ratter than Bluetooth. I tin find galore instructions for connecting via Bluetooth, but not via wifi.