Bluetooth not working on ASUS ROG M8F Ubuntu 22.04.3LTS |

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This mobility has been asked respective times but nary answers were posted.

Cannot move connected Bluetooth connected Ubuntu 23.10 (Asus ROG ROG Flow X13 GV302XV) seemed for illustration a awesome reply but didn't activity successful my case.

sudo dkms instal btusb/4.1

failed astatine nan extremity of nan build. However, this reply was aimed astatine a problem pinch a USB BT connection. In my case, bluetooth is implemented connected nan mobo.

sudo work bluetooth status

Shows that nan work is moving ok.

Bluetooth has worked connected this instrumentality antecedently but that could person been erstwhile earlier versions of Ubuntu were installed.

The problem: In settings, nan model says that bluetooth is turned off. If I move nan slider to nan correct it remains grey and bt ne'er turns on.

ASUS has firmware for bt but only successful Microsoft format. They are clear that they do not support *NIX but evidently location are galore of america moving Ubuntu connected ROG machines without problems.

I could astir apt hole this by installing a bt dongle but I'd for illustration to correct this astatine nan root for my ain knowledge.