automount a partition of a USB stick in a persistent live linux made with mkusb |

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I would for illustration to automount a partition of a USB instrumentality astatine /media/lubuntu/name each clip nan instrumentality is plugged into nan PC.

My /etc/fstab record is quiet connected each caller boot; I presume this is because I'm moving a persistent unrecorded lubuntu 20.04 made pinch mkusb (dus method) and nan record is not a portion of persistence

What I've tried and did not work:

  1. edit /etc/fstab pinch UUID=0123 /media/lubuntu/name ntfs defaults 0 0
  2. edit ~/.bashrc pinch sudo equine -o rw,users,umask=000,exec UUID=0123 /media/lubuntu/name

What 'kind of' works:

  1. If I edit nan explanation of nan partition to sanction nan strategy automounts it to /media/lubuntu/name1, yet if I do this pinch a mmc card, it automounts to /media/lubuntu/name which I find confusing and would simply for illustration to group this up myself
  2. if location is nary explanation to nan partition, nan strategy automounts it to its UUID, a very agelong number, resulting successful galore confusing folders astatine /media/lubuntu/

Any thief appreciated