Automated Opening and Closing of hinge

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I americium trying to creation a system that puts hostility connected a string. The intent is to dip this drawstring successful a solution for a stipulated magnitude of time, and erstwhile nan clip is up, nan drawstring is pulled backmost up! (only nan mediate of nan drawstring needs to beryllium submerged) and yes one person entree to electrical power.

The hinge is angled astatine 40 degrees. Giving Slack to nan string.

enter image explanation here

The hinge is closed. There is hostility successful nan string.

I americium unsure of really to automate nan process of opening and closing nan hinge. I can't deliberation of immoderate akin applications online. I person thought of utilizing a pulley and cogwheel system, but nan drawstring that I americium utilizing is highly fragile. Any different creation aliases thief will beryllium greatly appreciated! Thank you successful advance