ASUS Failed install of MINT - Cinn, Edge (but also Ubuntu 22.4-23.101) |

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I effort instal linux connected my caller box. The instrumentality is beautiful caller hardware and one was incapable to footwear aft grub. I connect nan pastebin truthful each is clear.

I effort besides Fedora. Seem that grub cannot grip nan hardware. Secure footwear and Fast footwear are off. Also nan bot bid is already USB past MVme.

I besides effort inquire successful different spaces but astatine coming nary answers. Someone was capable to booth from nan unrecorded cd/usb to person kernel panic later but maine one cannot moreover footwear nan basal install. My purpose was to tally nan unrecorded pinch a accent instrumentality to spot if each hardware will activity arsenic planned up of deploy successful this instrumentality my afloat ML stack.

Tnks a lot