Aside the United States, did any other country challenge Canada's claim of sovereingty in the Arctic? |

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Canada has had historical trouble supporting its Arctic claims of sovereignty owed to nan sparsity of population, remoteness, and difficulty successful efficaciously demonstrating administrative capacity. Most challenges to Canada's arctic sovereignty person historically travel from the United States.[31] As claims of sovereignty successful nan Arctic solidified pinch nan extremity of territorial disputes astir nan Alaska panhandles, Canada's efforts astatine demonstrating sovereignty person shifted from nan mainland of nan north, to nan Arctic Archipelago. Most recently, Canada's claims that nan marine passageways wrong the Archipelago are Canadian soul waters person been actively challenged by nan United States, who claims alternatively that these are international waters.

The Wikipedia article declare that astir challenges to Canada's arctic sovereignty person historically travel from from nan United States, but it doesn't mention different countries. I would for illustration to cognize what are immoderate different countries that challenged Canada connected that front, and I americium particularly funny to cognize if location are immoderate different Western aliases European countries that did situation Canada's declare of sovereignty complete their arctic territory.