Are there easy ways to rotate a video in DroidCam 180 degrees? |

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I person Ubuntu 22.04. I installed nan latest type of DroidCam from nan charismatic website:

Logged into Google Meet. There nan video is displayed horizontally, but nan telephone stands vertically. On nan aforesaid page I recovered a solution - successful nan point “HD Mode – Change webcam resolution”:

sudo rmmod v4l2loopback_dc sudo insmod /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/media/video/v4l2loopback-dc.ko width=WIDTH height=HEIGHT

I did it, now nan image is shown vertically, but upside down. I'm trying to rotate it utilizing nan buttons successful DroidCam, but image starts to show horizontally. In addition, nan image is separated and overlap connected each different aft rotation.

I couldn't find a elemental solution. I asked ChatGPT. It gave maine nan answer:

...But unfortunately, astatine nan clip of my past update (January 2022), there was nary support for rotating an image 180 degrees directly through nan v4l2loopback options. This usually requires nan usage of additional video processing devices specified arsenic ffmpeg. You tin usage ffmpeg to rotate nan image 180 degrees and transportation it to nan v4l2loopback device.

That is, successful bid to conscionable telephone a colleague, successful summation to DroidCam, I besides request to tally ffmpeg. And move to virtual camera 2 (ffmpeg takes nan image from camera 1, converts it and outputs it to camera 2). Somehow excessively difficult. Isn't location a simpler option? Seems for illustration an easy task.