Any Linux distributions cannot be installed |

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I did everything according to nan instructions:

  1. Installed nan image ubuntu-22.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso
  2. Downloaded rufus-4.4p.exe
  3. Using rufus, I dispersed nan image onto a flash drive
  4. Separated representation 32g
  5. I restart nan laptop and log successful utilizing nan flash drive I prime (try aliases instal ubuntu) After which nan motorboat of ubuntu takes astir 30 seconds and nan loading surface freezes.

I tried pressing nan keys, but successful nan extremity I recovered retired that until everything freezes, you tin property f2 and this is what I saw

I tried changing rufus to etcher, installing younger versions of nan image, changing distributions, looking astatine updating nan bios (but I person nan existent one) - nary of this helps. Maybe I person an incompatibility pinch hardware? (Asus FX505DY)