Analysis of a Beam under Non-static Case

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I americium willing successful nan distribution of nan beam successful nonstatic cases.

Typically we talk nan stress, and infinitesimal distribution erstwhile a beam is successful a fixed case. However, I americium willing successful this distortion of a robot arm. In specified cases, nan limb is not successful fixed equilibrium (i.e. it has nonzero angular acceleration.)

I would for illustration to cognize if specified cases could beryllium analyzed by capable fixed models, aliases if angular acceleration itself affects nan distortion and truthful could not beryllium transformed into a fixed case.

Let's see nan lawsuit below.

enter image explanation here

If nan infinitesimal exerted connected nan constituent A is not adjacent to nett infinitesimal exerted connected nan constituent B, nan beam will rotate pinch nonzero angular acceleration.

Regarding nan accent and distortion study connected conception C,

  1. Is location an balanced fixed model? (does angular acceleration affects nan accent and distortion connected constituent C)
  2. If location is nary equivalence fixed model, but successful lawsuit nan angular acceleration is comparatively mini and could beryllium disregarded past what would beryllium nan balanced fixed model?
  3. In dynamics cases, could nan load connected constituent B could beryllium exchanged by an balanced infinitesimal connected constituent B arsenic successful fixed cases?