All files in a directory are locked? |

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As I wanted to tally Hamclock (an exertion for power amateurs) successful my shack I installed VMware and a created a virtual instrumentality pinch nan latest type of Ubuntu LTS. Hamclock useful fine, truthful I want to create a shortcut to nan desktop. That should usually beryllium done by copying hamclock.desktop to nan desktop and let launching. However, each files (excapt nan .o files) are locked and erstwhile I transcript hamclock.desktop to nan desktop it displays a txt icon pinch a reddish transverse astatine nan correct of nan bottom. I changed nan attributes to 'read and write' but that does not help. How travel that each files of an exertion I installed myself are locked and really tin I get to make a shortcut of it to nan desktop? Thanks for reacting to this post!