20.03 Minecraft getting low frames on dedicated GPU despite GPU usage being low | pressku.com

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First, immoderate strategy specifications: running an i5-11400H for a processor, and an Nvidia RTX 3050 ti for a graphics card

I've already forced nan crippled to usage nan graphics card, and nan capacity is really little successful wide than connected integrated graphics (if we exclude shaders)

The FPS tin driblet to a specified ~10fps successful immoderate areas, pictured successful a screenshot attached astatine nan bottommost of this post.

GPU utilization (mentioned successful Nvidia X Server Settings) showed up astatine astir 20% each nan time, and there's practically 0 quality betwixt shaders and not utilizing shaders while connected GPU

What's limiting nan framerate here? I'm connected a server too, truthful it's not for illustration nan CPU dense worldly is done locally

Any tips connected really to summation performance, if moreover marginally?

The graphics driver type (latest for this machine, apparently) arsenic good arsenic a fewer different specifications tin beryllium spotted successful nan screenshot attached to nan post. I'm unsure what specifications precisely would beryllium useful, truthful inquire distant for different details!

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